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Remember help is always at hand should you wish it, if you have never done the French thing before don't worry we can help. By the time you go home you will know what you are doing.

French fishing is often portrayed as difficult on one hand (like casting 100 yards plus) or incredibly easy on the other (like everybody catching a 30lb Carp) the truth is neither as strictly true.

Best advice is to keep it simple, no complicated rigs and you don't need a lorry load of bait. However if you get on the fish and they are hungry you do have to keep topping it up. Single bottom baits with artificial sweetcorn, stringers and bags all work. Of course natural baits like big bunches of maggots do put fish on the bank,

It is also a good idea to air dry then soak or dip your hook baits prior to fishing, this prevents other species from nibbling them away.

For the non Carp angler normal waggler and feeder methods work well, corn, maggots and worms all catch fish. You can spend many an hour with a short whip or pole hauling the many roach, bream, pike, pirch, and carp to your harts content.

Terminal Tackle

Everyone has their preferred way, we just need common sense and healthy fish, our fish have very large mouths and although they like to eat, they are by no means stupid. Hooklinks either braid or mono of 5" - 8" in length seem to do the trick. Couple this to a good quality hook from a size 4 upwards, either a Withy pool or simple blowback rig and you're off. You will not need a lead heavier than 4oz a 3oz will be ample

Fishing Line

Main line strengths do need to be a minimum of 12lb. leaders on most french venues now is tubing only guys. Rods from a 2.5lb test curve are ample and any baitrunner style reel will be fine. A marker rod is handy as there are some secret fish feeding spots all around the lake. If you have a spod rod bring it when the fish feed you will need to top your swim up. also unlike any other tour opperator we have no problem our customers bringing fish finders and bait boats if thats what you want ythen bring it!

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